Q: Where in my business would I use Sukuma?

A: Firstly, Sukuma helps a business to create and align everyone in a business to its competitive strategy. After this the 90-day planning toolkit helps with the execution of the strategy. The additional features and modules within the programme build towards an open-book policy where everyone in the business is able to productively contribute to the overall success of the business.

Q: What does Sukuma cost?

A: Sukuma is free for solo operators and includes the Strategy and Planning modules. During the development phase of Sukuma, complimentary access is being granted to certain businesses in leu of feedback to further support the development of the software. If your business falls outside of these categories then please contact us, we welcome the opportunity to assist you further.

Q: What type of business would benefit from Sukuma?

A: Most business types would benefit from Sukuma. The more employees a business has, the greater the leverage effect of getting everyone contributing 100% to the success of the business.

Q: Can I get additional help in using Sukuma?

A: Absolutely, you have a few options. If you have a business coach or an advisor, then ensure that they are familiar with Sukuma. If they are not, then we can spend some individual training time with them to ensure that they incorporate Sukuma in their work with you. There are also many self-training videos and prompts in every module. If you still have an unresolved question then feel free to contact us directly and we will answer or direct you as soon as possible.

Q: Do I have to have a business strategy?

A: No, having a business strategy is not mandatory for success. It is however strongly advised to have one, especially if you have others working in the business, as a business strategy helps with aligning where a company is heading, what it needs to do to get there and lastly to create commitment to these objectives.

Q: When will Sukuma be fully developed?

A: Never. We don’t live in a static world, we see Sukuma needing to continually evolve. There are 5 core modules to Sukuma and our plan is to have them all fully integrated towards the end of 2021.

Q: I am a business coach, how would Sukuma benefit my business?

A: Sukuma will benefit those business coaches that value business strategy; strategy execution; managerial financial accounting; business systemization and a general belief that a business will only be fully functioning once all who work in the business are 100% engaged, educated about the business and are aware and capable of knowing what they can individually do to drive the results. The internal messaging platform is also perfect for recording private or shared notes based on coaching sessions and to-do items.

Q: Is it safe to give all employees access to my Sukuma account?

A: Mostly yes, but not always. We have designed different access level into Sukuma, so a standard user has less control of functionality than say a manager. Sukuma has been designed around the principles of open-book management, in other words to educate and inform all about many of the details in a business. If your business is very secretive of information and you would like to explore a less secretive framework, then this “opening up” should take place gradually. This includes education and if required, managing any bad lemons you may have within your business.

Q: What is the problem that Sukuma solves?

A: An effective business strategy is one that both differentiates you from your competitors and is value adding. This is the core of Sukuma. The simple fact is that most businesses are undifferentiated and succeed mostly in prosperous times through share hard work (grit). Creating true business value happens through design. The second problem that Sukuma solves is based entirely on the execution of this strategy. This includes planning, finances, systemization, employee engagement and more.

Q: I work in a corporate, there are hundreds of employees and we have good systems in place, would Sukuma still add value to how we operate?

A: The sweat spot for Sukuma ranges from start-ups to a few hundred employees. You will find that Sukuma is not really replacing any of your existing software programmes, as there is nothing really like Sukuma. Rather it is supplementing the programmes you already have by honing in on your business strategy and its execution.

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