Sukuma is not a word that many are familiar with. If you undertake a dictionary search, you will likely first come up with the noun definition explaining that Sukuma are the people living in north western Tanzania. However, we have adopted the verb interpretation which comes from the Zulu people and translates to Stand Up, or Rise. At Sukuma, our strategic 'One-word' is Stand-up, and we have designed this programme to facilitate the empowerment of ALL of the people within a business.


We firmly believe, and have experienced, that for a business to excel you need the full commitment of every single employee within the business. Sukuma achieves this through educating, empowering, and creating a culture of accountability within any business.


The founder of Sukuma, Sean Foster has a broad background in multiple industries and has experienced being employed to self-employment. The development of Sukuma embraces these experiences. If you are ready to fast track the growth of your business then Sukuma is the platform that will facilitate just that.


For Sukuma to be effective it needs to be used within a business for normal day-to-day operations. To better ensure that Sukuma is fully utilized we highly recommend that you engage a business coach or advisor that is trained in how to implement and on-board the key elements that are covered in Sukuma.

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