Date Module Details
04 June 2024 Systems We have updated the Systems section to include a Department printout that now features key information, including the company logo. This new addition in the footer displays the date and time when the document was last edited, as well as an "Uncontrolled" document notification to help you comply with standard ISO requirements.
19 March 2024 Financials Terms & Conditions template now available in the Profit Share section. Just like we have a legal agreement in place when taking on a new employee, that sets out a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities for both the employee and the employer, so to do you need an agreement in place for managing your Profit Share. Now available is a draft example of a Profit Share agreement in Sukuma, what you are required to do is to check in with your lawyer to ensure this meets their standards. Location of example: Finances>Company Settings>Profit Share Structure
19 January 2024 Financials We have added a new setting in the Company Settings in the financial module whereby you can select when the font colour changes for deviations from the budgeted numbers in the Summary section. For example. You have a budgeted Revenue of $100,000, but you only achieved 90% of this amount, i.e. $90,000. You can adjust the percentage variation off this budgeted amount for your displayed font colour to show as either: * Green - at or above budgeted * Orange - less than budgeted but above minimum * Red - below the minimum set percentage.
20 December 2023 Financials We have made it even easier for you to track your Revenue targets. There are two additional rows of information in the revenue section: [1] Progress - this shows the percentage progress you are to what you have budgeted to achieve in any month or the year in total. [2] Revenue per day - Now you can easily see what you have budgeted to achieve in Revenue per day and how you are tracking each month and your year total.
11 December 2023 Plan 90 Day Now when you have completed an activity in your 90-day Gant-style plan, this is shown in the summary screen by colour coding that Activity either Red; Orange or Green.
13 November 2023 Financials Upgrades to the Summary section. Now with more choice for how you view the data, specifically you can hide any months that are in the future. You can show: One month, One quarter, Full Year, or only Active months.
08 November 2023 Plan 90 Day When you create your next 90-day plan you have two format options. [1] the Conventional - this is what we have been using since we started Sukuma. The layout is based on a logical hierarchy-like structure showing Outcome, Projects & Activities [2] Gant style - our new format offers a completely new visual look, together with some additional functionality such as more space to write your Activities and an easy drag function to change the dates associated with each Activity.
08 November 2023 Financials Profit Share Versioning - this is an important update for those with employee participating in profit share. No longer can someone say: 'who changed this, it used to be ...' You know have a history section showing all versions of profit share.
28 June 2023 360 Survey, Development Review We have added a preview window of the questions used in a Development Review and a 360 - So now before sending out a review to be completed, after selecting a Question Group, in the footer section it will display the questions pertaining to that Question Group
21 June 2023 Financials After running the 1-page financials in Google Sheets for 3 years, we got as far as we could with the limitations of Google Sheets - we were forced to programme the 1-page financials into Sukuma. This is now live. Create your budgets, Forecast both your cash flow as well as What-if scenarios. Manage your profit share +++++ And most importantly, your financials live feed off your Xero account, so you no longer need to manually import your data.
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