The biggest challenge today's business owners face is having the capacity and confidence to work ON rather than IN their business. But with Sukuma on your side, you can stand up, stand tall, and place your energy, time and focus back ON your business.

Today's Resilient Businesses: Powered by Sukuma's Intuitive Software.

The Reality: Another day begins and before you've even sat down, you're sucked into the vortex of customer demands, projects on the go, fighting fires, and staff that need engaging and directing. This is the average day for too many entrepreneurs, managers, and CEOs. Sure, stuff gets done but how productive are we really?

The Alarm Bells: One day rolls into the next and you have no time to make your business stand out, focus on its critical functions, attract your dream clients, or truly get to grips with what is driving your financial performance. Your results are subpar, employees are disengaged, and customers disgruntled. Worse still, you're tired, pessimistic, heading towards burnout, and the value of your business is rapidly slipping away.

The Cause: You lack the business strategy that makes you stand out from your competitors, one that adds value to both you and your customers. And, even more critically, you lack the energy, time and support to effectively execute your strategy so that your entire team fires in precisely the same direction.

The Fix: We've developed Sukuma so business owners can rise up with confidence and momentum to overcome these problems.

How it works: Sukuma works alongside you and your business. Through your unique log-in - including managed user rights for your employees - our software gives you the tools you need to develop, implement and measure the success of your 90-day plan.

With our 90-day planning toolkit you can:

  • Identify, dedicate, and focus your attention on the most critical outcomes for the next quarter.
  • Create structure around these outcomes by focusing on key projects and activities.
  • Delegate effectively by identifying who needs to do what and by when.
  • Effectively measure the success of each activity against the desired outcomes.
  • Align your entire team and business in the same direction through collective, consistent efforts.
  • Build your culture; build engagement; delight your clients.
  • Inspire and build confidence in your staff.
  • Eliminate waste by prioritising both your, and your staff's time.
  • Execute on every aspect of your business from your financials, to problem-solving, to effective sales and marketing.
  • Boost your productivity. Boost your positivity. Boost your resilience.


Get access to the tools, training and expert assistance you need to achieve the best version of your business. Stand up. Stand tall. Sukuma.

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