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Q: I am committed to the company, in fact sometimes I feel like this company is my company.

Q: In terms of my role, I have a Score Card, or similiar document, that tells me clearly what I am needing to achieve to be successful in this role.

Q: The top leaders in our business demonstrate a commitment to communicating with employees about the direction and progress of the company.

Q: Our company’s senior management is honest.

Q: Our top leadership consistently demonstrates a commitment to sharing critical business information and teaching everyone what the information means.

Q: What doesn't the company do well?

Q: When things are not going well in the business, I still feel management have my back and are supportive of my efforts.

Q: We consistently celebrate our wins (individual, department and company overall).

Q: I am involved in at least monthly team meetings. We discuss business performance and how to make further improvements.

Q: I think that most of the financial communication in the company is forward thinking (i.e expected results vz past financial results).

Q: My supervisor/boss makes time available if I want to discuss something with them privately or 1-1.

Q: I have a good understanding of the company’s financial performance (profit & loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow).

Q: We know, at all times, if the company is doing well, or not (we are 'not left in the dark' guessing).

Q: I have been and continue to be taught to understand the company’s financial information.

Q: I feel like, and am committed to making a positive difference to the company.

Q: I feel that all KPI's or Goals that are set for myself are created with my active input. I am acknowledges and heard.

Q: I know what is expected of me at work.

Q: My supervisor/boss, seems to care about me as a person.

Q: Even with potentially sensitive business information, my supervisor/boss is open and transparent with this information.

Q: I feel that I am personally able to directly impact the overall company profitability, by the work I do every day.

Q: I feel that everyone has been heard and acknowledged with regards to the current business plan, business strategy or financial plan.

Q: I understand why the practice of open-book management (good visibility to all staff on business plan, financials etc), is so important for the success of the company and its people.

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the critical issues that the company faces in the next 6-12 months (e.g. customer, technology, operational or people challenges etc)?

Q: In the last 12 months, I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow.

Q: Our senior leadership encourages our department to set goals and to forecast our performance.

Q: At work, my opinions are listened to, they do count.

Q: I feel that the management of the company really do listen to me when I have a suggestion or idea for improvement.

Q: The company encourages my further personal and professional development.

Q: Everyone in our team actively participates in continuous improvement plans and events.

Q: Scoreboards that display company and team performance are highly visible to all staff.

Q: Assuming that your business has a Strategy or Plan, do you feel that this is acted on in how the business is run?

Q: Every quarter I set new 90-day plans. The process allows me to consider what are the most important Projects I need to manage.

Q: I feel that my contributions to the company are well recognized and appreciated.

Q: There is widespread commitment towards the company’s most important goals.

Q: Personally, I feel I am 'giving it my all' when I am at work.

Q: I know what activities I should be doing now, that will result in better future performance (future being in the weeks to months ahead).

Q: The business planning or budgeting process actively involves everyone in the business.

Q: My supervisor encourages our department to align our department goals with the goals of the company.

Q: What can the company do better, differently, or more of?

Q: Everyone in the business is involved in tracking and reporting their progress against pre-set goals.

Q: My supervisor/boss encourages us to openly discuss our performance, and constructively challenges each of us to continually improve.

Q: You have a clear and common understanding of the company’s most important 1-year goals.

Q: When the business is successful and financial performance is strong, I am well rewarded.

Q: In your opinion, does everyone have full access to accurate and timely financial information about the business?

Q: What is one thing that we should be doing in the next 6 to 12 months that would have the greatest positive impact on the overall performance of the business?

Q: Management take swift and immediate action when deviations from the plan occurs, and this is well communicated.

Q: What does the company do well?

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